Monday, August 20, 2012

News! :)

It's really nothing to brag about, but I've been smiling all day because of it anyway.

Today, I found that Darkness Comes This Way is ranked #69 in the Amazon Kindle Store in vampire fiction. ^^ Technically, that's considered "bestseller", but I won't put that label on myself. It just doesn't feel quite right, I guess. It's only an indie/self-pub. And it's only in that certain category. I'm probably the only one who thinks that way, too....

Anyways, I wanted to post a short message saying thank you to everyone for the continued support. Bloggers, reviewers,'re all fantastic and everything you do is highly appreciated. <3 <3

Another short announcement:

In about two short weeks, the cover reveal for Through These Wicked Nights (The Guardians of the Night #2) is happening! So exciting! I can't wait to share it...actually, to be more specific, I can't wait to see it myself! I haven't even seen it yet (though I will see it before the scheduled reveal of course). :P If you're a blogger and interested in participating in the cover reveal for your own blogs, let me know.

With Love,


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