Sunday, August 5, 2012

100 Random Facts About Me--Blogfest

Over at The Fiction Diaries, there’s a blogfest celebrating the hundred follower milestone. In celebration, there was a little activity posted in which we can share 100 random facts about ourselves. I figured I’d hop in on the fun (though I’m a little late) and give it a try. These are a lot of facts. O.o

Be sure to visit The Fiction Diaries and if you want to join in, do so! Leave your link in the comments. I’d love to see your own lists.

Okay…let’s get to this.

1. My real name is not Pixie.
2. I have been going by ‘Pixie’ for so many years though, that sometimes I forget it’s not my legal name.
3. I’m five foot tall. Short.
4. My favorite color is purple.
5. I’m not always as optimistic as I should be.
6. Sam and Dean Winchester are my two favorite hotties on television.
7. Wait, also Eric Northman.
8. I’m very committed to blogging.
9. I’ve never met any other author in person before. =(
10. I’m married and have three step-kids.
11. When people ask if I’m going to have kids of my own, I laugh.
12. That means no.
13. I hate the “stepmother stereotype”. Stop making us evil in literature and movies!
14. I have a cat named Bella.
15. I did not name my cat after Bella in Twilight.
16. When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading.
17. I get distracted easily.
18. I love Chinese food.
19. But my favorite meal would have to be spaghetti.
20. You can’t keep me away from fried pickles either.
21. I will NEVER turn down a slushie/icee.
22. Favorite music: rock and country mostly.
23. I also listen to Celtic and classical.
24. I’m a major history geek.
25. My grandparents moved here in the late 30’s from Ireland.
26. I’m fascinated in genealogy too.
27. I’m writing three novels right now.
28. I write a little slow.
29. It amazes me how authors can write a novel in a matter of a few weeks, while it can take me up to four or five months to finish the first draft.
30. Writer’s block is horrendous. I’ve had it before. Worst months of my life.
31. I hate Christmas.
32. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
33. My birthday is September 7th.
34. No, I will not tell you my birth/legal name. 
35. I love old-school things. Vintage shirts, video games, etc.
36. I have an obsession with boots.
37. My hair should have never been cut off. I hate having short hair.

38. But it was for charity, so I deal with it.
39. People think my eyes are weird.
40. They’re green mostly, but around the pupil, I have gold sunflower shapes that are very clear.
41. I freaking love cartoons. It’s my inner child.

42. I’m still hoping and waiting endlessly for The Vampire Academy series to be movies.
43. William Shakespeare rocks my socks.
44. So does the Bronte sisters.
45. Actually, I’m a big fan of a lot of classics.
46. I adore owls.
47. Body art is one of my things.
48. I have 4 tats and counting.
49. All of my tats are designed by me.
50. Secretly, I fan girl a little bit every time one of my favorite authors replies back to me on Twitter.
51. I love Twitter.
52. I hate Twitter.
53. I know I contradicted myself above. It’s a love/hate thing.
54. My first two celebrity crushes: David Bowie and Johnny Depp.
55. I still love those guys.
56. It is my dream to go on a huge European vacation one day, including a stop in Ireland.
57. I want to see Mount Rushmore, too.
58. I’ve never been to the ocean.
59. I’ve never even flown in a plane. =O
60. My first official novel was handwritten entirely.
61. My first novel is not published, nor will it ever be. It’s shelved away in a folder.
62. I have always wanted to be a writer.
63. My favorite childhood book was Green Eggs and Ham. I can recite it from memory.
64. I watched my first horror movie when I was six.
65. I started reading Stephen King when I was ten.
66. If people ask me about my past or life growing up, I don’t like talking about it.
67. I could write an inspiring memoir I’m sure, but I won’t.
68. I take from my experiences and use writing as therapy.
69. There have been several favorite reads already for 2012. It’s been a great reading year for me.
70. I am terrified of spiders. The tiniest one will have me climbing furniture to get away.
71. Also scared of clowns. That I owe thanks to Stephen King for.
72. I’m not religious. I’m not exactly Atheist either, but I guess I lean more toward that side.
73. I grew up in the church as a Christian. Then I practiced Wicca and Paganism for almost ten years. I respect all religions and have friends in various faiths.
74. Professor Snape is the best character in Harry Potter. Hands down.
75. I know every song in Labyrinth. It’s one of my faves.

76. I collect books for their covers. Especially with classics. I probably own 3 copies of Wuthering Heights right now…and several versions of a few of Shakespeare’s plays (Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet). Just because I wanted the cover.
77. I prefer paperbacks.
78. Unless I start out the series in hardback. Then I have to get every installment in hardback to match.
79. I have quirky organizational habits that tend to annoy the family. They don’t clean because I’ll only come right back and “fix” it.
80. I’m going on 28, but people don’t believe me even when they look at my ID. They just swear I’m younger. I guess I could take that as a compliment.
81. The idea of turning thirty in two years frightens me.
82. If I couldn’t write, I’d want to be an agent or publicist.
83. Sometimes I think about getting a history degree since I love the subject so much, too.
84. My favorite supernatural creature has always been vampires.
85. I also love fairies.
86. My sneeze sounds like a mouse squeak.
87. My brothers and I have huge age differences. Jerry is 16 years older than me. Mike is 18 years older than me. Needless to say, I’ve always been the “baby girl.”
88. I think I cook pretty well.
89. I don’t like to cook much though.
90. I love roller coasters!
91. My junior year of high school, I interviewed the governor of Texas for the school newspaper.
92. Every once in a while, I have day-long movie marathons of either Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean.
93. Sometimes when I read Dystopian novels, I get scared thinking of a possible real future world that these talented authors have thought of. It’s a bit creepy how realistic they can be.
94. I do any of my novel outlining and notes in pen in a notebook. I’m almost ready for a new one.
95. My favorite sport is tennis. I used to play all the time growing up and through junior high.
96. I also am a baseball fanatic. Go Rangers!
97. Summer is absolutely the worst season for me. I’m more into Fall.
98. I can’t stand close-minded/narrow-mindedness.
99. I don’t like hot coffee. But I’ll drink iced coffees or frappes on occasion.
100. I’m sure I could’ve thought of some better facts, but really…a hundred is hard enough as it is when you’re trying. Haha.

And there you go. A hundred random facts about me. Fun, eh?
That made my head hurt a bit trying to think up enough for all of that! Haha!

Have a great week!

With Love,

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  1. Wow Pixie! You did really well, I might do this just to see how many I come up with.

    Some great facts :) its always nice learning new things about blogger friends.



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