Thursday, September 19, 2013

Across the Stars and Ashes--Updates

Hello dearest readers and supporters.

It is with a heavy heart that I'm having to, for the first time, say that I won't have this release available on time. The date is being pushed back to December 18th instead (or as close to date as possible, whether before or shortly after). Reasons? I'm barely wrapping up the final-drafting. From there, I still like to have at least six-seven weeks at best for editing/revising, formatting, etc.

I have not been a good writer-person lately. :( The motivation left me for some time during the summer, causing me to barely get any work done. And there just have been many days when I wake up and feel like giving up entirely. Especially after recent events with how some bloggers and reviewers have been treated because of reviews. It makes my heart hurt because of me being a blogger also, and some of them are close friends, so it's caused me to just feel "blah" against two things I love dearly and mean the world to me lately.

However, thank you to my wonderful readers. I appreciate every one of you. I don't have many of you, but the support you've given me has been awesome. *hugs* And I do apologize once again for the slight delay in the release of Across the Stars and Ashes. It's coming! Don't worry! =)

To hold you over until then, here's a small teaser:

“I will kill you. Maybe not today, but I will see the feathers from your back fall. I will see the light leave your eyes. And I will enjoy every drop of your blood.”

“Oh such empty words from a vampire lying on the floor in silver chains,” he barked a laugh before reaching down to haul her back to her feet. Zarah winced as he clutched her against him. “Kathleen tried killing me also. To save Seth and your father. Obviously that worked so well. It only bought her time to hide for some years before I found her again.”

“There’s a difference between me and my mother,” she began. She watched his expression become quizzical, and his grip loosened enough through the confusion that she knew she had her opportunity. “I’m not my mother.”


Thanks again everyone! I will post again soon. I have other things to post about... like Chasing Dirt Roads, which is releasing early next year! Annnddd and a new Super (Not Really That Much Of A Secret) Secret Project currently in the works for the coming year! =D


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  1. Thanks for the teaser I can't wait to read this book I look forward to December.


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