Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sign-Ups For Chasing Dirt Roads Cover Reveal!

Are you a blogger and would like to participate in the cover reveal of CHASING DIRT ROADS? Please sign up with the form below and I'll contact you as soon as possible with all of details! :)

CHASING DIRT ROADS --Cover Reveal Sign Up


It's the last place I wanted to be during the most important summer of my potential photography career. I was used to this though. Mom and I have been running the roads since I was thirteen while I stood by quietly and let her take me wherever. Cans and bottles littered our junked-out old Buick with the boxes. But something was different about the place this time. His name was Cooper Reed...


When eighteen-year-old Kenley Brooks moves to Lovely Heights, she's tired. Tired of moving around the country. Tired of taking care of her drunk mother. She just wants to finally settle down and live a normal life and get back into pursuing her photography dreams. After meeting Cooper and his friends, she thinks she could. But she has deep secrets and people are starting to gossip.

Thank you everyone!

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