Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Updates & Announcements

Well, it's been some time since I've blogged here I know. I do most of my blogging over at my actual book blog, and like I've said before, I try to keep all of my things organized and separate. I haven't really had anything to say here as of recently so it's been on the quiet side. Haha.

But now I do have some updates to give.

First, if you head over to the Through These Wicked Nights GR page, you'll notice a different cover than before. There's been some changes there due to some minor conflicts and so I'm announcing a new cover--and as far as I can tell, this is officially the final cover that will be going on the published editions come January. Hope you like it!

Another quick thing I wanted to note is that I'm going to have ARC e-copies of TTWN very soon (and when I say soon, I mean within the next few days). Oooohhh....exciting! I will be interested soon in any readers perhaps, that have read/reviewed the first book, and would like a chance to get one of these ARC e-books in exchange for an early review.

With that out of the way, I have my last and final announcement. It's a little harder to get into this one. I've decided after thinking a long time that after The Guardians of the Night finishes publishing next year with its final installment, I will not be publishing anymore. Well, not self-publishing. The thing is, and this is of course no offense to my fellow indie and self-pub authors, I'd never wanted to self-pub in the first place. I decided to in the end to gain experience, learn new things, and build myself as well. I'm not perfect and I realize that. I've worked a lot through the last few years, and in the last year alone after self-publishing my first book, I feel like I've grown more than I would have if I'd just sat around doing much of nothing.

However, after this trilogy is over, I've decided to take a step back away from it and try my hand at a more traditional route again like I'd once really wanted. I have two new manuscripts being worked on outside of the trilogy--both stand-alones. One is a New Adult Contemporary and the other a YA Dystopian Horror.

It's always about the love of writing first and foremost for me. I'm not in a rush on time. I don't have to have my books on shelves everywhere or be some big bestseller by the time I reach a certain age--or ever for that matter. I just want to share my words and characters and someone to enjoy them somewhere. That's all. But after the trilogy is over, I'm going to go try the slow way for awhile and see how that goes. Who knows? And if it doesn't work out after so many years, at least I've had some experience in self-publishing and I can go back to that one day.



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