Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DCTW Blog Tour Updates & More

First I want to give a big thank you to all the hosts, as well as the readers. You've all been great. I've had a blast so far with the book tour. There's been some fun interviews, neat guest posts, and even more upcoming fun that I hope everyone has been enjoying also. In case you've missed anything, drop by this page and see the list of links where you can go back and visit to read the posts. :) There's still a few stops left of course, so keep an eye out for those.

Now that little bit is out of the way, I have some short announcements.

The title for Guardians of the Night Book Two will be officially announced on June 30th along with a short excerpt and the blurb. Please don't expect the cover. The cover IS being worked on, but will not be revealed until September. The release date is expected for January 8th, 2013 but there's a possibilty it could be as early as late November-mid December (and I'm sure not many people will complain to that anyway). Here I just released the first book last month, and I'm already talking about the second book. Can you believe it? I kind of can't myself. It's a bit surreal. The year goes by fast though so I have to plan ahead. :)

At the end of July, I will be publishing a short story collection. It will not be YA. It will not be available in print and will only be found in e-book format through Kindle (maybe Nook as well at a later date if there's interest), and will be at a constant flat fee of $0.99. I'll also be announcing the title, as well as doing a cover reveal, on July 1st. Be sure to drop by and have a look. :) If you're interested afterward and would like a review copy, I would be willing to provide them in exchange for HONEST reviews (I'm extremely serious about honest reviews. I love my bloggers. You don't have to be scared of offending me. Ever.).

Alright, I believe that's it for now. Haha. I'll update again soon! <3


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