Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why I Decided to Self-Publish

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for authors to take the self-publishing route, to go “indie” and do everything themselves. This is not what I’d planned a couple years ago when I started seeking out agents and publishers to be entirely honest. I fully support the Indie Author and anyone who self-publishes, but until the last few months, I had no idea that I was going to take this route myself.

So, why did I decide to self-publish?

It’s a tough industry out there really. I’m not saying to other aspiring authors not to try, because I would never try to deter another writer from their dreams of getting into a major publishing deal if that’s what they were seeking. I decided to self-publish after months of getting rejections from agents and publishers due to my novel being “too risky” (yes, I was told that on a few occasions). I had no idea what that meant until I searched around and realized the exact definition. We all know vampires are common in literature right now, and due to this, publishers and professionals are wary about picking up new authors who’ve never been published before--especially writing in this genre. With all respect, it’s nothing against us at all. I completely get that. Sometimes they’re simply seeking already established authors they can trust that they know will sell for sure. Another understanding point. Picking up a new author in general is risky. A traditional publisher puts a lot of money out, and if an author doesn’t sell…well then it’s quite a loss for them.

After going through a lot of thought, I made the final decision at the end of the year to self-publish and began the process. I figured it was best for me, for my book, and in the long run, it’d be best if I did decide to try again with publishing professionals on later works. It will (hopefully) build a readership and prove that I can market my own. I also want to show my complete support for the indies that I’ve showed through reading the last few years by actually publishing as one.

It wasn’t a hard decision after all, and I’m glad I made it. All I’ve wanted was to put my work out, whether it gets glowing reviews or not I don’t care, and just write. That’s just me. :)




  1. That sounds great. I'm sure once your book is out publishers will change their minds. Your book sounds amazing so it could happen. GOOD LUCK!!! :)

    1. Haha...that would be nice, being the next Amanda Hocking and all. But that's just a silly pipe dream. :P Seriously though, I'm not in it for the money. I don't care either way. I just do it for the love of writing. And I'll be happy with any readers I get, no matter how few or many. I'll take whatever--good or bad. Lol. Doesn't bother me. :P
      Thanks so much! <3 :)

    2. Tiffany, do you have a blog I can go to and follow back in return (if I don't follow already)? I looked at your blogger profile and didn't see a link, so I was just wondering. :)

    3. Nope, but I do plan on making a blog in the near future. oh, and you just added me on goodreads.:D

  2. I decided to go the self-publishing way as well. I never had tried traditional, I think because even attempting to find an agent in Australia is hard enough, less alone trying to get them to pick you up.

    Plus I feel you can reach out and bring your work to fans much easier and quicker self-publishing rather than traditional.

    I would also like to mention that I like that we even share the same surname :P A little random bit of information.

    - Jen

    1. I agree there. :) I may attempt the traditional route again after my trilogy, but I haven't decided. It is hard to break into the industry.

      That's awesome we share the same surname! :) Though, mine technically is my married name. :P But still awesome anyway. Hehe. Thanks for stopping by!


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